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Does the pet need to stay in a cage at all time when the pet arrives at the airport in Thailand?

No. It does not need to. However, an Animal Quarantine officer recommends that the pet should stay in cage at all time in order to prevent pet from housebroken.

Does the pet have to implant microchip before travelling to Thailand? Should the pet be implanted with microchip before or after vaccination?

Yes, the pet travelling to Thailand requires a microchip implantation. There is no requirement specify that the pet should be implanted with microchip before or after vaccination. You can consult with pet’s veterinarian.

Can the Office of Agricultural Affairs, Washington D.C. (OAADC) issue an official letter to request a Health Certificate from USDA?

No. OAADC does not have authority to issue such the document. You need to contact an USDA accredited veterinarian in your state. Find more information about USDA accredited veterinarian via our useful links.

After the pet arrives in Thailand, does the pet need a movement permit if you want to travel with the pet within Thailand?

No. A movement permit is not required (exceptional) for travelling with the pet within Thailand.

If the pet travels to Thailand with owner, does the owner still need apply for an Import Permit?

Yes, the owner still needs to request for an Import Permit and follow steps to travel with pet to Thailand. Once pet’s owner arrives Thailand, pet’s owner will receive an Import License.

Can a service animal stay outside a cage and walk around the terminal?

Yes. A service animal can walk around the terminal. You may need a document to prove that your animal has been trained, certified, or licensed as a service animal.